| MSN Metal - 'Album of the week'
... A drop-dead gorgeous haunting piece of work.
| About.com
... Can send shivers down every inch of the body.
| Metal Hammer Magazine
... A beautiful record with poetry oozing from every pore.
| Zero Tolerance Magazine
... Extraordinarily excellent: a rare gem of a record.
| Kerrang! Magazine
... Intoxicating, haunting, beautiful.
| Metal-World.info
... Close to divine perfection.
| HeavyMetal.dk
... Some of the best atmospheric music I have ever heard.
| Metal.de
... One OF THE discoveries of the year.
| TheMetalForge.com
... A melancholic metal masterpiece.
| MetalIreland.com
... Varied, crafted and effortlessly evocative.
| LordsofMetal.nl
... Stunningly beautiful.
| MortemZine.net
... Breathtaking. Debut of the year!
| Ragherrie.com
... Jaw-dropping. Album of the year.
| InfernalMasquerade.com
... In a truly magical manner, it will surely blow you away!
| The Ripple Effect
... Magical, passionate, gorgeous. A masterpiece.
| AlternativeMatter.net
... A dazzling musical adventure
Date   Venue   City/Country   Tickets
29th-31st May   Darktroll Festival   Schweinsburg Bornstedt, Germany   (INFO)

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